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The nose displays more plainly on the face than any other characteristic; thus, dissatisfaction with its shape or size may lead to considerable self-doubt. Fortunately, rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, makes it possible to correct this feature, so you can feel better about your entire look.

Serving Central California, Thomas F. Mitts, M.D., Inc. has been a local pioneer of plastic surgery since 1980. Such expertise makes him the ideal surgeon to deliver your coveted nose!

How Can Rhinoplasty Help?

Rhinoplasty aims to reshape the nose, resize the nose, or correct structural issues that cause pain or difficulty while breathing. Dr. Mitts will work with you during the consultation to determine what aspect of your nose bothers you, and explain the benefits that your individualized rhinoplasty would bring. Using digital imaging, we will also reveal your potential post-surgery nose to show you the outcome in advance!

Ideal candidates are in good overall health and are past puberty (to ensure that the nose has stopped growing). Depending on their purpose for undergoing rhinoplasty, candidates may expect the following from the procedure:

Aesthetic Benefits

  • Shape and Size: Dr. Mitts can subtly alter certain characteristics of the nose to greatly enhance your appearance. This may involve changing the angle between the nose and lip, narrowing or widening the nostrils, or improving the shape of your bridge or tip of your nose. The nose can be made smaller or larger by removing or incorporating natural tissue. In short, matters like a displeasing bump or unflattering tip can be corrected to complement your other features!

Functional Benefits

  • Defect Repair: Your personalized rhinoplasty treatment plan can address cartilage deviation, asymmetrical nose shape, and other nasal birth defects.
  • Breathing Alleviation: Narrow nasal passages can be opened to facilitate breathing and ease discomfort.

In the Operating Room

The two main types of rhinoplasty are open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty. Open rhinoplasty affords Dr. Mitts the most access to the cartilage and bone of the nose. During an open rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Mitts will make an incision across the columella, or strip of skin tissue between the nostrils, and lift the skin off the tip of the nose to shape the cartilage underneath. Closed rhinoplasty incisions are made inside the nostril, eliminating the risk of external scarring.

Whether your individual nose reshaping plan calls for open or closed incisions, Dr. Mitts will move on from the initial incisions by proceeding to sculpt or resize the exposed framework of your nose. Once your desired look is in place, he will use sutures to secure the results. The procedure typically lasts one to two hours.

Learn More

If you would like to pursue rhinoplasty with our trusted surgeon, contact our staff today! Dr. Mitts is available to discuss your needs and options during a consultation at our practice.


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